Laurence J Adkinson Jr

The Ghoul Show

On-Air, Prop Building, Puppeteer, Camera, Set Design, Etc!


May 1997  to June 2001

  • The Ghoul is a long time regular to Cleveland TV fans! As Cleveland's Late Horror Movie Host he has been Helping People enjoy Really Bad Horror Movies for Decades!
  • I started helping the Ghoul as a friend of the Cater, with my knowledge of A/V and Production I was quickly asked to become a part of the team as I could fill in in lots of areas.
  • My main job "OFF" Camera was taking care of the Set; everything from adding items sent in by fans to creating small extra sets for Sketches.
  • My Main Job "ON" Camera was as the puppeteer for "Froggy", The Ghouls Arch Rival! While the Host of the show would create the voice of Froggy I was the person who worked the different sized puppets. But not the full Sized Froggy - We had a great actor that did that for us!
  • In addition to the Puppet Work I also was seen on camera in numerous skits in many different roles!
  • In Addition to all the Show Fun I actually helped with the original Web Site and As Production Assistant for Prestige Media, Where the show was shot, in between shoots

"The Ghoul"
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On Location With The GHOUL! 
Our favorite "On Site" Skit was Shopping Cart Races!

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My Exploding Violin!

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The Ghoul wears my "Smoking Hat"

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The Ghoulateers Softball Team!


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Directing "Bumpers"

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Various "On Air" bit parts!

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More "On Location" Antics!

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Helping Out With the Technology!


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Some Behind the Scenes! 


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 Some Video Slides and Trading Cards!


The Crew!